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Frequently Asked Questions 


Where do West Chiltington Croquet Club Play?

WCCC play on two full size lawns marked out on the recreation ground next to the Village Hall on Mill Road. 


When do we play?

We have the use of the lawns from the middle of April to the end of September  (see Playing info page) for which we pay rent to the West Chiltington Parish Council via the Sports Association. We can play anytime avoiding any Cricket events. Matches other than hosted sessions are arranged by members themselves.


How much does it cost?

The current annual subscription is £80.00 to be paid at the beginning of the season to the Treasurer.

Prospective members are given 2 free sessions before deciding to join the club. Social members' fee is £10

Membership Application Forms are available from the Treasurer or any Committee member.

Visitors, playing with a member, are welcome, without charge, for a maximum of three visits annually when the lawns are not in use.  


What is the dress code?

Respectable casual attire is worn at all club sessions.  Flat shoes essential to protect the lawns.  Team members wear white for inter club matches.  Waterproof clothing may be any colour.


Do I need my own mallet?

The club has some mallets new members can use until they feel the need to purchase their own.

How do l know when l can get a game?

Hosted sessions are held on Monday and Friday at 10 am and Wednesday at 10am and 2 pm.
A hosting member will be there 15 mins earlier so you can be sure of having a game at these times.

An online booking system allows playing members to book lawns upto 4 weeks in advance.
 Members can make up their own games, play knockout and ladder competition matches or use the time for practice.


What about beginners?

Beginners are introduced to golf croquet through rudimentary instruction, on basic shots, by a more experienced member and immediate inclusion in a hosted game where they are encouraged and helped by other members to learn the intricacies of the game.  Occasinally the club may arrange coaching opportunities with qualified coaches. 


Does the Club have any competitions?

We have Club competitions for members of all abilities.  There are also inter-club (friendly) matches and SECF league competiions for members who wish to take part.


Are there any social events?

There are croquet and social events throughout the season. Wednesday afternoons we usually have tea and biscuits after the croquet session. During the winter, there are monthly pub lunches, guided walks, a bridge club as well as chess, mahjong and fun indoor board games .

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