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SECF match V Lodsworth 24June21

Littlehampton Centenery Cup 25July21

Laki, Jenny, Mick and Jill

Play abandoned !!!

Supporting the team !!

Sentenerary cup lawn.jpg

Training session with Laki

Training at the Academy in Southwick 23July21

David our ccoach.jpg
Jenny training at Southwick.jpg
Laki with Tony the coach.jpg
Richard and his students.jpg
Mick and Jenny.jpg
Southwick practice.jpg
Southwick Rita Jill Barbara and Peter.jpg
Southwick training.jpg
Southwick with david.jpg
Training at Southwick.jpg
Training discussion.jpg
training shot options.jpg
Barbara Reid.jpg
Rottingdean V John  and Celia.jpg
Rottingdean v Celia.jpg
Rottingdean doubles.jpg
Rottingdean V doubles.jpg
Rottingdean V doubles.jpg
Rottingdean 4 Aug 21.jpg
Rottingdean Chris v Laki.jpg
Rottingdean v Gull.jpg

Match V Rottingdean 4 Aug 21

A day of coaching with Richard Carline 18 August 2021

Where's my ball ?

Coach Richard Carline.JPG
Coaching by Richard 1.JPG
Coaching Richard 2.JPG
Coaching Richard 4.JPG
Coaching Richard  and pavilion.JPG
Coaching Richard 5.JPG
Coaching richard 6.JPG
Coaching Richard 7.JPG
Coaching Richard 8.JPG
Coach Richard presntation.JPG

Thanks Richard

SECF match V Littlehampton 3rd Seeptember 2021 (won 3-2)

SECF v Littlehampton 6.jpg
SECF v Littlehampton Barbara.jpg
SECF v Littlehampton Cathy.jpg
SECF v Littlehampton doubles.jpg
SECF v Littlehampton Laki Philip.jpg
SECF v Littlehampton Martin Laki.jpg
SECF v Littlehampton Terry.jpg
Barbara and John Reid.JPG

Happy couples !

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